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HR Services

Your company is only as good as its people. So, a profession HR management strategy can give you the competitive edge in the current cut-throat business environment and ensure your teams are aiming at your business goals all the time.

Here in Hostlink, we offer a wide range of profession HR Services from our experienced consultants. With a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house manager, we offer flexible and comprehensive services that is fast, accurate and able to capture valuable information. Our commitment to you is to provide an effective, speedy payroll service, a professional HR management and a holistic HR project consulting that customized to your needs.

We provide detailed data-driven reports and analysis so that you can manage your company with greater confidence while eliminating cost and improving overall performance.

We also know that the business world spins 24/7 and you want problems solved no matter early in the morning or late at night. That’s why we setup the HR hotline service for you to get HR advice at any time of the day.

Please see below for our service items in details:


Event Staff Services

Event & Exhibition

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Promotion Girl & Model

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Temporary Office Staffing

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