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HR Hotline Service

Business cannot wait. HR issues resolved early can mean avoiding unnecessary disturbance of work, saving time and money and giving stakeholders a peace of mind.

That’s why we create this hotline for our clients. We can offer professional advice and formulate strategic plan to deal with difficult situation over the phone. We can handle workplace related injury incidents, Labour conflict issues, queries on labour legislation implication to your business, HR related damage control, technical enquiry related to our other services, just to name a few. Our HR professional will be happy to answer your call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Workplace related injury is among the most hectic HR issues. Handled well of such issue can mean an increase of total morality and minimum impact of the bottom-line. On the other hand, it can manifest into legal disputes and 3 years cashflow consequence. Conflicts among employees and employer usually brew across a long period of time and escalate rapidly into work-stoppage or even going postal. Immediate damage control measures formulated by professionals will help you sail across trouble water.

Nowadays, labour legislation may NOT modify according to stakeholders’ consent. Implication of such modification can result in a paradigm shift and have long-term consequences, in despite of no immediate impact. Over the phone, our professionals can offer advise according to your business needs, articulate a strategy steps ahead and give you a peace of mind.

A little bit of tips can go a long way whether you are planning your next big move or just need to have a second opinion on whatever important. Just pick up the phone and call us at 9312 8085

Time to remember

Years workplace injury drag on
Years till OT pay being mandatory
Hours a day brain works on problems

Pinching penny for

$ max wage deduction for damage or loss
Days max paid sick leave accrual
% MPF late payment surcharge

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HR strategic consulting

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