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HR Management

When it comes to Managing Human, the Hostlink Team takes into careful consideration on client's need. We have a broad field of expertise to deliver to you the best practice in the industry. We understand the greatness asset is people and your organization born and grows with people. We will take every step of this Life-cycle seriously, ensuring teams are built with functional purposes, employees are selected a structural and scientific approach, career objectives and performance of measures are specific, and, hence contributions are identified, success is celebrated and know-how is generated.

It is always the performance issue. No way a new hiring can excel at the job on the first day. That’s why managing performance starts on the first day. We will ensure orientations, goal settings and reviews are done with care. When competence gaps are identified, cost-effective training plans are articulated according to your business need. Both trainees and training providers will be rated. You will know the ability and potential of each of your employee.

Service Includes:

    • Payroll Service
    • Hotline Service
    • Employment Life-cycle Management
    • Performance Management



A fruitful Life-Cycle

Investigate the Organizational Needs

We start with gathering the needs from within the organization and design the position accordingly.

Create the Appreciate Habitat

A challenging work environment and clear measurement of performance create a powerful organization.

Compete the Feedback Loop

Capture the know-how and results generated from the hardwork of the employees and then expand the company accordingly.

Performance Management

  • Challenging and yet Achievable
  • Qualifiable and Measurable
  • Fall in the Business Calendar
  • Align with Organizational Goals
  • According to the Goals
  • Info gathered across the Organization
  • Data are processed and interpreted scientifically
  • Actions are taking according to Results
  • Identify the Competence Gaps
  • Training, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Evaluation of the Cost Effectiveness
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